Finally - filling the void that existed in Strategic Corporate Security & Fire Protection Management Disciplines in Sri Lanka, in 2004 we – a modest cluster of skill enriched design consultants and trainers with over 20 years hands on functional knowledge, skills and passionate desires ( nurtured in BEST protected local & overseas ambiences ) - launched “ Strategic Security Solutions ” which partnered with an array of foremost blue chips in enhancing their protective benchmark. Our professional service beneficiaries ranged from premier conglomerates, wide spread retail chains, leading local & global banks, high risk exposed airlines, manufacturing giants, mega office complexes, star ranking hotels and prime skyscrapers etc during past 4 years.

Fortified with further research, study and professional growth, we proudly launched STRATEGICRISKSOLUTIONS® the best ever corporate risk management design consultancy & training venture in Sri Lanka. STRATEGICRISKSOLUTIONS® cover a holistic business risk protective spectrum by offering you the signature risk prevention and mitigation blue print solutions.


Be it your Business Site - or your Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Production, Corporate Affairs, Strategic Business Planning, Corporate Finance, Electronic Data & IT Security, Resource and Service Outsourcing, Fleet Management, Warehousing & Supply Chain, Acquisitions & Mergers or Revenue Flows & Processes – these business facets encompass their own undercurrent risks & vulnerability hybrids that suddenly rupture like volcanoes from no where. As declared in Murphy’s Law “ If anything can go wrong – it will ” - and perhaps at the worst possible time. Therefore, when risk prevention is doubtful, preparation presents the next best focal point on earth. That is how and why STRATEGICRISKSOLUTIONS® ought to become the preferred specialist associate @ holistic corporate risk matrix management in your business.

Our Core Professional Consultancy & Training Disciplines

  • Corporate Risk Managment
  • Strategic Corporate Security (Conceptual / Procedural & Application Perceptions)
  • Corporate Fire Protection  ( Blue print/ In Construction/ Implementation Segments)
  • Holistic Corporate Safety
  • IT & Electronic Data Security
  • C-TPAT, OSHA, ISO, HAZMAT & HACCP Compliance Standards
  • Damith Kurunduhewa – Corporate Risk & BCP Specialist / Pragmatic Trainer / CEO
  • Wing Commander Tony Dirckze (Rtd) – Head of Corporate Fire Safety
  • Ranjith Cooray – Head of Corporate Process Auditing
  • Milinda Wijayasekara - Consultant / Sales & Marketing Trainer

What Our Service Beneficiaries Say.....

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Our Service Beneficiaries

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