.  Business Specific Risk Auditing & Forecasting

When you swim in the river without knowing the fact of Crocodile existence you are in for a stunning lethal shock, sooner than later. To minimize the corporate shock factor and stun effect, we execute “ signature business risk audit based forecasting ” in order to enlighten the business directors and divisional heads on the present and future hidden risk focal on the basis of blue print, pre – occupancy and post occupancy status of your business.

  .  Business Risk Management Solution Architecture

We professionally support your business further - by identifying innovative process and locality specific risk mitigation solutions in order to enlighten the business directors and process owners to achieve risk enduring business ambience which is a pre vitality to ensure the desired bottom line yield and net revenue efficiency.

  .  Corporate Fraud Prevention Process Audits

How much you actually lose from your bottom line - sometimes unknowingly - owing to this awkward avenue of loss ? We scrutinize and mirror image the existing asset / cash / merchandize / inventory movement processes, flows, systems and controls to design & upgrade the solutions to seal off and minimize the loss potentiality streams - by way of corporate fraud prevention process audits.  

  .  Business Protective Hybrid Planning

Plans are generally there and everywhere in any business. Yet, how many of them are delivery realistic and business pragmatic - and updated. When your design is defective, the ground application is sure to flaw. We certainly DO plans right. We are specialized in designing pragmatic and sense based protective plans that wrap the end to end business horizon on which the company can trim down the undue risk exposure and boost up the business stability.

  .  Corporate Contingency Management & Response Planning

Corporate Security Contingencies & fire contingencies are reality occurrences in business. It’s not a question of how - but a question of when. We design highly professionalized security and fire contingency strategic & application plans to ensure the optimum response parameters & evacuation flow efficiency at management and staff layers.

   .  Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning – DR & BCP

After ensuring the precise response to a security contingency - a business crisis or a corporate disaster - the end solution should be to bounce back to stability once again. We design highly pragmatic disaster recovery and business continuity plans – DR & BCP – to support and brace up your corporate resilience and to revitalize you with minimum down time.

  .  Business Protection – Reality Benchmark Testing - RBT

This is simply, but objectively staging the risk protective plans and damage mitigation strategies to ON SCENE PERFORMENCE TEST. We test the defined concepts, process architectures and application efficiencies in one go - under simulated real life pressure condition so that you can feel the authenticity pulses of your risk management effort. This initiative professionally supports not only you, but also to physical and electronic protective apparatus of your business.
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